Mark Pro Gear is a developer and manufacturer of the highest quality of reality based training gear. Our goal at MPG is to provide products that not only protect at the most extreme levels of Force on Force training, but that afford the most comfortable and cost effective solutions in marking round protection.


While Mark Pro Gear itself is a new brand, we the people who own and operate the company have been in the industry since it was first established in the 90's. In fact most of the gear in the reality based training industry to date, has been inspired by our earlier concepts and products.


MPG will continue to strive toward advancements in the reality based training industry, whether its introducing new protection gear or training products, we will always reinvest our time and money back into the industry. It is our mission as a company to support our Law Enforcement, Military & First Responder customers at the highest level they all deserve.


We have an open door policy, so please feel free to contact us anytime of the week on any subject matter; inquires, comments, suggestions, product ideas....the only bad correspondence is the one not sent. It is best to reach us by email for the quickest response.