Mark Pro Gear Force On Force Traing Gear
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Note: MPG Neck Armor is mandatory with the MPG Pro Helmet (MPGHDPRO), MPG GEN2 Helmet (MPGGEN2) and the MPG Instructor Helmet (FFIHD1) and to be worn with the MPG Padded Hood (FFPH2) for all scenario-based training. 

MPG Neck Armor

Part: FFNK2

The MPG Neck Armor is a mandatory piece of gear required to be worn with all MPG protective helmets for Force on Force training scenarios. It provides critical protection from marking round strikes to throat and neck region. Its lightweight design made from durable material, is thoroughly

padded to completely safeguard the wearer. An adjustable strap system allows for a secure fit.



  • Flexible padding protects neck & throat

  • Lightweight, durable material for comfort fit

  • Stain-resistant for easy clean-up

  • Adjustable neck strap for secure fit

  • Color: Black

  • Size: One size fits all