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Mark Pro Gear Force On Force Traing Gear
MPG Next Gen Helmet Side.jpg
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MPG Next Gen Helmet.jpg
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Note: It is mandatory that this helmet is used with either the MPG FLEX TOP to achieve ideal protection, or the MPG Padded Hood (FFPH1) for protection and hygiene benefits.

* FLEX TOP sold separately

MPG Gen2 Helmet


The GEN2 helmet provides complete, full-face, lightweight protection during reality-based training, which provides students with the confidence needed to focus on the scenario. This comfortable helmet allows for hearing and communication during training exercises. Users also maintain clear, unobstructed peripheral vision, thanks to large integral goggles that meet both ASTM and ANSI impact test standards. It has the option to be worn with the new FLEX TOP or our padded hood.


  • Full-face protection

  • Allows for top protection options

  • Ultra-lightweight design for mobility

  • Quick change, anti-slip head strap

  • Hypo-allergenic closed-cell foam for comfort fit

  • Clear, sharp, scratch-resistant lens with anti-fog treatment

  • Replaceable lens that meets ASTM & ANSI impact test standards

  • Vented ear and mouth protection for improved hearing and increased breathability

  • Color: Black

  • Size: One size fit all 


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