Mark Pro Gear Force On Force Traing Gear

MPG Protective Vest


The MPG Protective Vest was designed to simulate soft body armor worn in the line of duty. It is made of lightweight, durable material for a comfortable fit for form and function. This vest will protect torso, front and back, from direct Force on Force marking round strikes. It is very streamlined to eliminated extra bulk so the student can focus on training and not what he is wearing. Adjustable side and shoulder straps allow for proper fit on all torsos.

  • Lightweight comfort fit

  • High quality durable material for easy cleaning

  • Easy on and off with adjustable shoulder and waist closure for proper fit

  • Streamline design to simulate soft body armor

  • Web loops in 3 front locations for clipping radio mic 

  • Color: Black

  • Size: One size fits all 

Note: MPG Protective Vest is a mandatory piece of equipment for scenario-based training.